What Are Some of the Ways Law Offices Are Embracing Technology?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was Matlock. Ben Matlock, a criminal defense attorney played by Andy Griffith, would be assigned a case and gather all of the information in person. He would meet with clients and gather all of the research with his research team and get his client the verdict they wanted through sharp litigation. Matlock was a hands-on attorney and had a gregarious Southern charm to him. He was a product of a different time when agreements were made on a handshake and verdicts could be reached within the hour the show was on.

Unfortunately, law is not like that anymore – if it ever was – and today’s attorneys must juggle a number of different responsibilities all at once. They must act as marketers to attract new clients as competition for the most lucrative cases is fierce, they must handle a large case load, and they must contend with a legal system filled with rules and regulations that must be followed to the tee. And to make matters worse, given the legal job market, there are many law graduates who are ready to supplant those who fall behind.

Given these factors that attorneys have to deal with, many are looking into technology solutions, like law office software and SEO, to make life as a lawyer easier and avoid legal penalties as well as a lull in attracting new clients. Here are some of the top solutions out there:

• Use Skype to talk to clients: Given the busy schedules of both the client and the attorney, Skype and other mobile communications solutions allows attorneys and clients to meet when they can without worrying about transportation and other issues that make face-to-face time inconvenient. Lawyers and clients can see and speak with one another through their front facing camera on their phone or tablet and get just as much information as if they were to meet in the days of Matlock.

• Legal marketing is imperative: Many legal firms are using SEO and other internet marketing tactics to attract new clients. There was a time when prospective clients would just look in the phone book to find their local attorney. Now more people are reliant on the internet to find legal services. On top of SEO practices like on-site optimization and link building to make their website more welcoming to search engines, another great idea that should be considered is using social media and blogging to showcase authority.

• Online legal software makes organization easy: Within the practice of law, there are multiple clients, multiple deadlines and multiple conflicts. A system is needed to harmonize them and reduce stress. Automated online legal software organizes the lawyers multiple clients, tasks and deadlines, and streamlines the legal billing process, so a law firm can even find additional time which they forgot to bill and be more efficient and cost effective.

Today’s world is not Matlock’s world, and lawyers must utilize technology to stay on top of things. These are just some of the ways law firms are embracing technology to offer the best legal services they can for their clients and remain in business.

BS In Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online Degree Program

Law is a very complex set of rules and regulations with a lot of technicalities in different matters. To understand law the way it is and to play with the rules and regulation as per given scenarios is a great art. This art needs to be learnt and without learning law the right way it really becomes very hard to understand the twists and turns of this difficult path. People go to law attorneys and paralegals because they have the correct understanding and have an ability to provide the solution of any problem from the legal perspective. So it’s very important for people going into the law industry to learn and understand the legal technicalities involved in it to provide the right solution for the problems from a legal point of view. For that matter, many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges are offering different degree programs concentrating on the legal field. B.S. in Paralegal Studies with emphasis on Legal Technology Online Degree program is one of the degrees offered by many top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges.

B.S. in Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online Degree program is a Bachelor of Science degree. The coursework comprises of different compulsory courses regarding law, legal technicalities, legal issues and their solutions etc. The concentration of Legal Technology in this degree program is to make sure that the law industry keeps up well with the rapidly growing field of technology in communication. If you choose to go for B.S. in Paralegal Studies – Legal Technology Online degree program from any of the top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges then you would learn the key concepts of technology and use of different hardware and software systems in the field of paralegal. You would learn the effective use of technology in your field which will really help you understand different cases in depth very easily and will also act as a great tool in researches. Top Accredited Online universities and top accredited online colleges with their exciting and career-oriented coursework assure maximum success rate.

Course Outline

Some of the courses offered in B.S. in Paralegal Studies emphasizing on Legal Technology Online Degree program are:

· Civil

· College Algebra

· Communication

· Communication

· Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

· Corporate or Business

· Diversity and Culture

· Family

· Humanities

· Immigration

· Introduction to Legal Technology

· Law Office Management

· Legal Ethics

· Practicum in Paralegal Studies

· Real Estate

· Social Science

· Spreadsheet Applications

· Time, Billing, and Records Management

· Trial and Courtroom Presentation

· Wills and Trusts

Employment Stance and Salary Info

After successfully completing B.S. in Paralegal studies – Legal Technology Online Degree Program of top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges you could get employed at any law firms as many law firms are currently looking for paralegals and with a great focus of different organizations toward setting up their own legal departments to handle any law related issues, paralegal are hot in demand. The earning depends on the experience and the level of education. On an average you would be able to earn $32K to $65K a year.

The Difference Between Legal Marketing and Effective Corporate Communications

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a member of a major law firm, you may believe through some very clever advertising that legal marketing is the holy grail of business generation. You may believe that search engine optimization, television ads, and bus billboards are the key to making money, especially in the personal injury and medical malpractice sector.

As a former national news correspondent who now specializes in legal strategy through communication and video production for high-stakes, high-value cases, I am witnessing repeatedly that attorneys who find the greatest success are masters of corporate communication, not attorneys who spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising. To put it another way, some of the most successful attorneys who retain my firm spend very little on advertising, but are successful because they are good at communicating that they are effective.

Think about what you see when you pick up a newspaper, browse the internet, or watch a local or network newscast. You are hearing or reading a story. The stories that you care about are likely well told, are presented with a compelling narrative, and have characters that are memorable. Now think about that in terms of legal advertising and marketing. It’s not the attorneys who purchase several 15 seconds ads in a local newscast that come across as being credible. It’s the attorneys who reach sizable settlements in mediation or judgments in trial, and then use that information to present themselves as experts who deserve news coverage and media attention. Quite simply: a one line mention of your law firm in a news article about a medical malpractice suit is arguably far more valuable than a commercial promoting that you handle medmal broadcast between two auto dealer commercials on the local news.

And while paying for search engine optimization is often a poor use of funds, the free web presence that comes from a legitimate mention in a legitimate news story is invaluable.

The key to generating news coverage is the same that we use in the production of day in the life video and video settlement brochure production, and demand package documentaries, and the same that is utilized by network news correspondents on a daily basis. Effective story telling through a compelling narrative with characters that generate emotion. When presented to mediators, the result is record settlements. When presented to reporters, the result is news coverage. When used together, you create a self-sustaining flow of news coverage that leads to new clients that lead to successful outcomes, and successful outcomes that lead to news coverage that leads to new clients.

Legal Typist and Thoughts on Working With Attorneys

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task for many not familiar with the law. Just as with any profession, there are good attorneys and not so good attorneys too. Here are a few items to consider in the selection of any trusted advisor:

  • Lawyers are Humans

We are all humans. If you think that an attorney has attained some level of humandome unavailable to those of us lesser mortals – WAKE UP! Along with inspiring a feeling of trust, respect and the certainty that you can discuss anything with your attorney; ultimately, you are going to get better service from a practitioner you like. It’s a fact – humans like to do business with humans they like. Do you like your doctor? What about your accountant? Same principle applies to attorneys.

  • The Consultation is Key

The consultation is generally where an attorney will meet with the potential client and learn/discuss the merits of the case. Call it a “consultation” but consider it an interview of the attorney. This means if one party takes calls or is otherwise distracted, unpleasant or disrespectful of the other’s time – part ways IMMEDIATELY. Make sure to discuss how/when you are kept informed as a client on the status of your case; a contact telephone number for a support staff member you should contact should the attorney be unavailable; and any other issues regarding the management or details of your case you feel is relevant.

  • You are Paying for a Service – Not an Outcome

Everyone forgets this. Throwing gobs of money and hiring only the most costly lawyer has little effect on the outcome of your case – other than assuring the attorney will get a great deal of exposure from your matter should it be newsworthy. Ultimately, you need a champion – someone willing to put in the time and thought required to protect or advance your case. A smart, resourceful associate or single practitioner with lower overhead can be the perfect fit.

  • Know The Name and Phone Number of a General Practitioner

You should know the name and phone number of a general practitioner with an office close to your home or business. Unfortunately, many of us only think to locate an attorney when a specific need arises. Often such needs are due to a sad or stressful event – a time when most people are apt to make rushed or emotionally charged decisions. This may include signing a retainer with an attorney simply to move a process along (such as a divorce or probate) rather than to establish a trusted relationship. But you can’t know what type of attorney you will need until the time arises – which is why you should know a good, general practitioner – to use for little items like applying for a permit or working through a traffic violation. This person then becomes a trusted resource for a referral to a specialist, when needed. Think of it like your general doctor who referrals you to medical specialists when needed – same concept only there’s no insurance company footing the bill! 😉 A general practitioner is also a great resource to go over the legal ramifications of an issue or event.

  • Laws Don’t Remove the Need for Judgment or Common Sense

The law can be so stupid. This short film [http://www.angelfire.com/film2/mharris] illustrates how breaking something down to the lowest common denominator ends up being where it all began in the first place! Only after numerous law suits and the creation of organizations, institutions and laws to protect the differences rather than advance the common. The law is not always right and a very astute attorney once told me a successful negotiation is where everyone walks away feeling like they lost. Very rarely does one “win” when the judicial system is in play.

In the end, it is up to you – the potential client – to use your best judgment and apply common sense to every situation, including hiring an attorney.